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By Heather Froese

I’ve always been inspired by photography. My earliest inspiration came from my older sister, Elizabeth, who was always taking sneaky candid photos of me before I could see the camera and pull my silliest face to annoy her.  But I wasn’t her only subject. Growing up on Vancouver Island also provided her with plenty of other photo opportunities, and from her I learned about the many ways in which its landscapes, people, and stories can be viewed through a lens.

Below I have reached out to three other Island photographers with three different styles to compare and contrast their motivations and inspirations, and the place of the Island in their work. Caleb Harding is a nature photographer, Jessica Nwabuike is a fashion photographer, and Kent MacDonald is a conceptual/fine arts photographer. Each has a distinctive aesthetic, but all three use Vancouver Island as their setting, and the starting point for their artistic journey. 

Click below to get to know them further.

Caleb HardingJessica NwabuikeKent MacDonald

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